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snapshots from the [last] week


  • My first zoo experience!! I had a fantastic time walking around, people-watching, and seeing animals I’d never seen in person.
  • Fun fact: wallabies in Danish are called kangaroos. This confused us greatly.
  • My friend Emma is pictured trying to befriend said wallabies
  • We also saw polar bears and flamingos and giraffes and so many others!


  • My other two friends arrived in Copenhagen after a tumultuous journey filled with flight delays and jet lag.
  • I showed my friends around my neighborhood and we got dinner at Cocks&Cows –> I think it was too expensive but it was still good!


  • We went to the Danish Design Museum which I highly recommend (ask for a student discount). It felt very much like we were in an episode of Black Mirror which was trippy but really cool. Also it was a really big museum so you definitely get your bang for your buck.
  • Took them to Nyhavn (the colorful canal street) so we could truly be tourists.
  • We made dinner together at my apartment and it felt so nice to fall into the rhythms of our apartment back at school.


  • My friend Alex’s birthday!
  • We went to Dyrehaven which is a national park with wild deer!
  • Ate dinner at home then went for drinks and desserts at Paludan Bogcafe (the cutest book cafe!)
Emma pointed out our first stag sighting. Yes, I have two friends named Emma visit.
21st birthday celebration isn’t quite the same in Europe but we still tried!


  • My Thursdays are jam packed with 3 classes sporadically timed throughout the day so Alex and Emma went on a day trip to Malmo, Sweden while I stayed in Copenhagen.
  • This picture is from when i got coffee with a friend before class at Zaggi’s cafe — only 30 kr coffee which is the most affordable coffee I’ve bought so far!
  • For their last night, we went to Italiano’s and had some authentic Italian food.


  • A whirlwind of a day! I dropped off my friends at the airport and then went to my only class of the day which ends at 9:50.
  • IMMEDIATELY AFTER, I booked it to catch my 11:30 flight to Bath, England where I visited my best friend Katie for the weekend.
  • We walked around the city center and then we went to a pub for dinner and had typical English pies.


  • I got to be the tourist this time! Katie showed me around Bath and we got to catch each other up on our abroad experiences.
  • I just learned today (5 days later) that the TV show Bridgerton was filmed in Bath!
  • It’s also apparently the home of awesome female writers like Jane Austen and Mary Shelley — makes sense why Katie is studying there!

I’m so grateful that I was able to see so many of my friends during the week!! It means so much to me that they chose to spend their spring break with me in chilly Copenhagen. I also loved seeing Katie’s study abroad location and am so excited for her future visit to CPH later in the semester!!

Thanks for reading!! All my love from cph,



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